A mother’s silence..

These past couple of months I have been thinking about topics and things that I normally would never speak up upon, for the simple reason is because of fear and for those to pass judgment upon me. I avoid conflict at all costs even thought it does more harm on myself than good, I agree with others and I usually just stay silent. But recently something happened that made me speak up, after speaking up I felt better for a short period then I found myself regretting it, for the simple reason is because of my fear set in. I had to fight back this negative mindset that started crawling back into my mind, the fear of the judgment of others, the backlash.. I felt so small. But then I came across something that I never noticed, it was a 10 second segment that was aired on King 5 morning news in January regarding the front page of the Marysville Globe about our Magical Holiday Event.. that’s right I said January, a total of 6 months of not knowing this was even aired. It was my sign from God telling me that I shouldn’t let the fear from stopping me from doing the right thing but rather feel empowered. 

So here I am today a few days later sitting back thinking of all the things that I should have spoke up to and not have let fear set me back. Being silent on the issues of bullying, segregation, intimidation, inclusion, and advocacy for individuals with special needs. I’ve personally have struggled with watching my own daughter experience things in her life that most people hopefully wouldn’t have to experience at such a young age. I’ve watched my close friends get scrutinized and belittled by speaking up on behalf of their own personal experiences with their children whom have special needs.

In life we have two choices: to stay silent or to speak up and hope that it is heard by others. I am hopeful that by speaking up it can change the viewpoints and shine a brighter light on the real issues of the struggles that parents are faced with. Just because we have special children we are no less of a person because in reality it is way to often that we do get treated like we are less and yes I’ve personally have been treated that way. 

So cheers to the parents who are constantly advocating for their children despite the scrutiny and the overwhelming feeling that you are not being heard.. even though it may seem that you are getting nowhere by advocating you are not alone hopefully we all come across that one person who will listen and make the change that needs to be made! We are all one and our children are no less and we need to stop with the labeling of individuals. It’s time we start looking past the dis-abilities and to see people for their abilities. I am forever grateful for the love and support we have and continue to receive. #leahsdreamfoundation