About Leah's Dream Foundation

Mission Statement

To provide social, charitable, economic and other support for families of children and adults with autism. By conducting activities and programs that support and expand the educational, medical, rehabilitative and other opportunities available to children and adults with autism living in Snohomish County.

The Tulalip Tribes Raising Hands

Leah's Dream Foundation was a honored recipient in the 2018 Raising Hands in The Tulalip Tribes Tulalip Cares annual event.

Quotes from educators, families and community members regarding what Leah's Dream Foundation means to them and their families:

"What a blessing to have the Sheldon family and their dedication and commitment to Leah's Dream Foundation. The whole community needs to help grow and expand this amazing foundation which helps to provide for students with special needs in our schools and in our area." -Teresa Wells

"Leah’s Dream Foundation is a blessing to so many in our community! The love that went into establishing this foundation can be felt by both young and old. The children involved thrive at the events Leah’s Dream Foundation puts on and parents can have peace knowing they matter just as much. So much support, joy and love on the faces of all! " -Joella Willett

"I work with students with special needs, and see every day the benefits (and necessity) of PECS system for non-verbal students, which Leah's Dream Foundation provided in Marysville. As support grows for this Foundation the sky is the limit or things it can help provide for these amazing and deserving kids!" -Francie Corbett

It’s so great to have school events to take my kids to. My kids can be shut down or melting down and no one bats an eye. It’s great to get together with other parents that are dealing with the same stuff too!
— Jennifer Brown
To me it’s inspiration, hope, and compassion for the children and support for us parents that deal with so much judging and or criticism.
— Cheryl Couier
I love that your family has created something that benefits our entire community and creates a better place and opportunities for kids with disabilities
— Kate Taylor

"Leah’s dream foundation has been such a blessing. Our kids love going and have made new friends. Their confidence has grown so much from connections made in a comfortable and welcoming space." -Renee King

"Helping youth be supported, nurtured, and guided by some caring volunteers who are dedicated to their highest and best growth opportunities." -Marilyn Sheldon

Community Involvement

Leah's Dream Foundation has been focused on helping out our Marysville/Tulalip Community. All of our money we receive goes back into the community either by creating events for individuals with special needs, creating a inclusive playground for the students in the special education, and also we provided PECS training to the Marysville School District's Developmental Preschool Teacher in 2016. 

Leah's Dream Foundation also has been active advocates in our community! We collaborate with both the Marysville School District as well as the Tulalip Tribes in numerous committees and support groups! 

Leah's Dream Foundation's Community Events

It is one of our favorite things is to hold community events for individuals with special needs in our community. Each event has arts & crafts, games & activities, open mic, face painting, and so much more! Families love to attend these events! To get updates on future events please make sure you sign up for the newsletters!

Inclusive Playground - Phase 1

In Spring 2017, we collaborated with the Marysville School District Administrators, Kellogg Marsh's Principal and Staff to create a inclusive / adaptive playground for students who attend Kellogg Marsh Elementary Special Education. Leah's Dream Foundation donated $45,000 to Marysville School District to purchase and install 1,125 square feet of Forever Lawn Playground Grass that includes a music area: congas, casabas, chimes and vibes instrument, and a Play Panels that includes a tic-tac-toe, driver, tactical and rainbow. Sensory-sensitive play areas are more inclusive by allowing children with different play styles and abilities to play, and to play with their same age peers. This was the beginning stages in creating a inclusive playground for community to enjoy! 

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Tulalip's Inclusive Advocacy Committee & Leah's Dream Foundation

Leah's Dream Foundation has been working with the Tulalip Youth Services to form a Committee for families whom have children with special needs. Leah's Dream Foundation has been able to partner with Tulalip Youth Services on hosting Christmas Parties for Native Students with Special Needs! The Inclusive Advocacy Committee meets monthly. For more information please contact us and we will let you know more about this committee and of any events we have with partnering with Tulalip Youth Services!


Making an Impact for Autism - 2016

In April 2016, Leah's Dream Foundation was recognized by the Marysville School District's School Board from our donation to the Special Education Department's Developmental Preschool Teachers by sending them to a Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) seminar to receive training. PECS is one of many alternative communication systems aimed at assisting those with Autism or physical limitations by conveying their wants and needs to others. To read the School District's Newsletter click on the link below: